While spending time with your family physically can be helpful in knowing your kids and building a healthy relationship, being able to spend quality time even when you are apart is also a good thing. Social media is not as bad as what it is often made out. They say it tends to keep families apart, but if you use social media with understanding, it allows you to relate better with your kids.

  • Stay in touch: Social media is often used to melt the miles between you and your loved ones. With just a few seconds on your phones or computers, you can bring everyone together.
  • Understand kids better: Kids who have a hard time expressing themselves on phone calls or even face to face with their families, are surprisingly able to communicate better over social media.
  • Participate in everyone’s affairs: Social media allows your children to include you in what they are doing outside home life. However, it is also important to give and respect your child’s personal life too. On social media, you have the opportunity to think before you react to anything.

More so, there are games that you can play against other family members online. Knowledge games like words with friends and fight list keeps the door open for more interaction with family members. MMOG’s can also be very fun for your family to play together, whether or not you are in the same house or miles apart.

Tips for making video calls exciting

Don’t make calls with kids sitting on the couch or at one spot. If a parent is away from home, you should try to move around and at the very least, you can use video calls to sing karaoke. Some video apps are also available for families to transform their video calls into reading time with family. They include:

  • Caribu
  • Kindoma storytime
  • Story before bed