Sitting in front of the TV has always been a favourite place for families to spend hours everyday. TV family series and sitcoms are like mirrors that people look back into. They are often entered around family and parenting. So they always give families a challenging way to examine their lives.

Family Series

When you want to choose the best series, let it be something that has all the constituents of a good family TV series. One good tip to do that is, a family TV series should at least have a parent-child relationship as its central focus. Great choices creates opportunities for shared entertainment and can be a good way to get conversations started after the show. What a family needs is a clean enough series for kids to watch and interesting enough for the grownups to want to watch too. Recommended ones include:

  • Just Add Magic
  • Merlin
  • Once upon a time
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Monk
  • Leverage


When you want to narrow your viewing down to something like sitcoms, this list will solve that puzzle by providing you with the best sitcoms for the whole family to enjoy together. Some of the show listed below are Disney XD shows that adults actually enjoy, they are appropriate for kids, and harmless to all.

  • Family ties
  • Cosby show
  • Modern family
  • Brady Bunch
  • Fuller house

Cooking and Documentaries

With educational food documentaries and fun cooking competition shows, which are also fun for adults to watch, kids can always learn cooking on their on. They will educate and entertain, or at the very least, make everyone hungry. Pick documentaries that are fascinating to kids, and one that can inspire them. A few documentaries that can do that job include:

  • Good Eats
  • Chops
  • Fed up
  • Wings of life
  • The dream is now
  • A place at the table