If you need a cheap and easy way to spend quality time with family, then you can host the family at home with a good game night. You are not spending anything to do this, just dinner. Just like starting a book club, you can start a game club with your family. Nothing brings families together quite as much as fun games. Here are some of the priceless ways to interact with family and create lasting memories.

  • Card, boards and puzzles: For many people growing up, family nights meant board games and puzzles played round a table. It one of the oldest ways to play with family.
  • Mouth game: Watch ya mouth is cute family game and basically, you wear a retractor in your mouth and then you try to speak randomly for others in the Family Game Night to figure out what you are saying.
  • Doodling with noodles: There are different versions of noodle games, the most popular version is the one you use your noodle to doodle a picture and get the other players to guess what it is.
  • Chocolate Face: With a few wraps of chocolate bar, you can have a fun time with family. Everyone gets a bar on their cheeks and are expected to get the bar into their mouth without using the hands. The fastest to eat the chocolate, wins the game.
  • Tell Jokes: Telling jokes is very healthy for kids and parents. The funniest way to tell jokes in the family is to use a spoon and small ball. To tell a joke, the spoon must be in your mouth with the ball in it. This makes it hard for you to laugh while telling your joke. This is a classical way to be with family, and you can always go to the internet to fetch jokes you can use.