Most families share their best moments by playing musical instruments and dancing games to show off their dance-floor moves. However, many parents enjoy playing video games, not just kids do. So it is always good to entertain the family with a little competition. It is also a good way to bond with family and it offers benefits that are much more than fun. Finding games to play with the whole family can be difficult too. Parents should take time to pick those that are suitable for those underage.

Wii games

Include everyone in the family game by selecting a good Wii game that everyone will feel comfortable to play. Wii games have unique controls and features that even toddlers and grannies playing Computer and Video Games with family all enjoy handling.

Xbox One games

If your family is the type that enjoy sports, action and adventure, then Xbox one has some top-rated games. These games can keep everyone laughing.

Mario Games

Both Mario games and Super Mario games are loveable adventure games and little kids will equally enjoy rescuing helpless princesses.


PlayStation has many games that are more suitable for older players, however, there are few selections that can be played by kids. They’ve got these selections since 2017.

Choose from any of these games but also remember the game rules;

  • No phones
  • Get some snacks
  • Have a blast. Make sure to enjoy the game night.

Families that are separated, can use some of these video and computer games and still be able to play together. They can be also network the home computers together and play from different rooms, if they have more than one computer at home. There are games that are free and those that cost money and may even require a subscription to be played.